Wednesday, 28 December 2011


Today was a very tiring day. I spent almost the whole day manning our store. "Quota na ko this week," I uttered to my dear parents, referring to the number of hours I spent being their slave. Nevertheless, a very satisfying reward awaited me. Come seventh in the evening, le father announceth that he wanted a pizza for dinner!!! (Sky punch yo!)

After much selection and indecisiveness (we were sidetracked by Jollibee's chicken bucket), we finally settled with Greenwich Lasagna Supreme Feast. This includes 3 Lasagna Supreme Snack Size, 1 Double Thin Hawaiian Pizza, and 3 Regular Drinks for P439 (including delivery charge).
I was really craving for both lasagna and pizza so I didn't care that the former was a snack size and that the latter was just double and in my least liked flavor. I thought the snack-sized lasagna would suffice and that double-sized pizza equates to 12". So when the delivery guy finally arrived after 45 mins or less, we were painfully disappointed by what we received. Oh, how deceitful advertising pictures can be! (Sorry I wasn't able to post true-to-life pictures because both le digicam and cellphone were dead.) Lasagna was very tiny. I can munch it in two big bites! No, that is not a hyperbole.

Albeit the saddening blunder, twas still a bliss. I dunno, I felt happy that we sort of "eat out" (haha) as a family a while ago. Thinking about it, we haven't done that for ages.